Essential Demo Videos

Learn About the Essential Enterprise Architecture Tool

An Enterprise Architecture Tool built by Enterprise Architects

Quick Essential Overview

An overview of the Essential Enterprise Architecture tool - visualisation and management of your enterprise architecture using the tool that is built by enterprise architects for architects

Essential Application Portfolio Management (APM)

Understand your application portfolio, duplication, costs and rationalisation opportunities using the Essential Application Portfolio Management capability

The Art of the Possible

A flavour as to what is achievable with Essential views

Essential Strategic Resource Management

An overview of our strategic resource management pack, which enables you to see your resources and their skillsets against the strategic plans and skillset requirements of the organisation

Essential Data Management

Manage your enterprise data architecture and its dependencies with the Essential Data Management Pack

Essential Cloud Overview

An overview of the Essential Cloud data management interface

Essential Cloud Webinar

Recording of the Essential Cloud Webinar from 2017 covering what is Essential and what is Essential Cloud

Essential 'How To' guides can be found here