Essential Training

Get the most from Essential with our range of training modules.

Available Courses

Core Modules

  • Overview (½ day)
  • Business (½ day)
  • Information (1 day)
  • Application (1 day)
  • Technology (1 day)
  • Report Creation (1 day)

Support Modules

  • Strategy Management (½ day)
  • Change Management (½ day)
  • Security Management (½ day)
  • Info & Data Management (½ day)
  • Import Utility Usage (½ day)
  • Integration (Import Dev) (1 day)
  • System Admin (½ day)

Essential Training

Essential training is available as a series of standard modules, or it can be tailored to suit differing organisational needs, for example, to focus on a particular business outcome. The standard course is five days and provides an overview plus deep-dives into each of the architecture layers. The standard course also includes a day dedicated to report development for Essential Viewer - a key part of the Essential toolset. Tailored courses can be as short as a day to really focus on the areas key to the business.

All modules are hands-on and include a series on exercises that help build a trainee’s understanding of the toolset. A series of post-course evaluation tests are available to help validate and benchmark the trainee’s knowledge. The standard five-day course covers the following:

Overview Module:

An introduction to Essential Modeller, Essential Viewer, Essential Meta-Model, Patterns and Use-cases

Business Module:

Modelling objectives, capabilities, people and processes of an enterprise

Application Module:

Modelling the functional behaviour provided by systems and applications in support of business processes

Information Module:

Modelling structured and unstructured information that support business processes, is managed by applications and is transmitted/stored using technology

Technology Module:

Modelling the software and hardware technology estate that supports applications and information

Reporting Module:

Creating, styling and deploying reports in the Essential Viewer environment

We also offer custom training, get in touch if you would like more details.