Technology Modelling

Appliance technology is becoming more and more popular. This articles describes how we recommend you capture such things in your architecture model.

To model the use of an Appliance, e.g. Integration Appliance or Database Appliance:

  • Create a Technology Component for the specific type of Appliance (e.g. Integration Appliance) if one doesn't already exist
  • Map this to Technology Capabilities in terms of what it is that the appliance does. For example, do NOT include things such as software platform services (e.g. Application Runtime Services), which are packaged into the appliance platform - for the Integration Appliance, it will be things like Transformation Services, Messaging Services etc. a Database Appliance will realise Structured Data Management Services
  • If a product can do more than just the Capabilities that the Technology Component that you've defined provides, then still map the product to the relevent Technology Component (e.g. Cast Iron as Integration Appliance)
  • However, at the Product-As-Role level, you can show additional things that a particular Appliance product can do, e.g. a product that is an Integration Appliance but can also act as a J2EE Application Server to run user-defined Java applications.