Technology Modelling

Technology Component Architectures are used to capture the high-level, logical technology architecture that describes the classes of technology that should be used. This tutorial introduces the Technology Component Architecture and describes how they are defined in Essential Architecture Manager.


Technology Composites are a special kind of Technology Component that are used to capture components that make up the logical technology component architecture of a solution. That is, the set of types of technology (not products, yet!) that form the technology architecture of an application, e.g.:

  • Java Application Server
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Workgroup Server. 
It is important to note that these composites can be re-used across application solutions to provide high-level logical technology templates for technology architectures. 



Create a new Technology Composite following the steps described for how to Define Technology Component. The name of the composite should reflect the architecture it models. This may be specific to a particular application or solution (e.g. 'MyApp Technology Architecture') but ideally will be a more general and re-usable thing (e.g. 'Standard J2EE Application Technology Architecture'), that you can use to manage your technology strategy.  

To complete the task of creating the Technology Component Architecture definition: 

  • Create a Defining Technology Component Architecture 
  • This will open a new form window in which the architecture will be defined 
  • Give this architecture a name and description 
  • Drag Technology Components (or other Composites) from the palette on the left onto the canvas to use them in the architecture 
  • Drag relationships between them to capture the dependencies that exist between the components. Each relationship can be opened and the Technology Protocol that is used in the dependency can be captured. 


  • See the section Working with Architectures for more information about the mechanics of defining architectures in Essential Architecture Manager.