Data_Object Description slot

Parent Data Subject

Defined by Data Subject slot to give context as to which Data Subject(s) this data object relates

Data Attributes

Data Attributes slot
then for each attribute on the Data_Object_Attribute
Attribute Name Description Type
Name Slot Description Slot Data Type Slot

Data Representations

Implemented As slot
for each Data_Representation instance:
Data RepresentationDescriptionRepresentation Attributes
Data Representation Name slot Data Representation Description slot Data Representation Contained Data Representation Attributes slor


Stakeholders for the   Data Object

Data Object Stakeholders slot creating an ACTOR_TO_ROLE_RELATION with an actor and role played
Role Name Organisation
Role Actor Against the Role slot in ACTOR_TO_ROLE RELATION, complete Individual_Actor Parent Organisation slot

Source of Truth

Data Object System of Record slot

Organisations Impacted

Note: this is created from the Process to the Information_View to the Data_Object relation, you cannot go from Data_Object to Process.

Business Processes Impacted

Using the above model, on the BUSPROCTYPE_TO_ INFOVIEW_RELATION class, select whether data is Created, Read, Updated or Deleted

Systems Impacted

Note: Start from the applications

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