Description Slot

Business Domain

Map business domain via the Business Domain slot

Parent Business Capability

Map to Parent Capability via Parent Business Capabilities slot

Business Capability Model

Map to Sub Capabilities via Contained Business Capabilities slot.
Note: if this is a sub capability, you can set its position in the capability model of the parent via the Roles within Parent Business Capabilities slot. Front (office) appears at the top, Manage at the bottom and Back (office) in the middle

Supporting Processes

Associate a Business_Process via the Realised By Business Processes slot

Supporting Information

Associate Information Concepts via the Supporting Information slot

Supporting Applications

Applications are associated via two routes:
1. Any associated Business_Process to Application_Service to Application_Provider_Role to Application or
2. Any associated Business_Process to Physical_Business_Process to Application_Provider_Role

See the Business Capability to Technology Video here for details and a meta model on how to do this

Related Business Objectives

Objective Description KPIs Motivating Drivers
Use the Business Objectives Supported By This Capability slot Complete Objective description TBC Complete the Motivating Drivers slot on the Objective

Related Projects

Follow Strategic Plan how to in videos and add the capability as a PLAN_TO_ELEMENT_RELATION

Supporting Documentation