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Application Purpose

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Delivery Model

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Application Services

Provides Application Services Slot: Class is 'Application_Service' using 'Application_Provider_Role'

The Application Provider Role links applications and services, allowing you to state which services an application is providing and whether that service is strategic or not. An application may potentially provide a mixture of strategic and non-strategic services.

Contained Application Providers

Contained Application Providers Slot: Class is 'Application_Provider'

Implemented Functions

Provides Application Function Implementations Slot: Class is 'Application_Function_Implementation'

Roles and People

Stakeholders Slot using 'ACTOR_TO_ROLE_RELATION' mapping 'Actor' and 'Business_Role'

The Actor needs to be tied to a role which the actor to reole relation allows, e.g. John Doe (Actor) as CEO (Business Role).

Supported Physical Processes

Performs Physical Processes Slot using 'Physical_Process'

Related Issues

Known Issues Slot via 'Issue'

Database Dependencies

Strategic Plans

See Strategic Plan Video Here associate the Application_Provider or Composite_Application_Provider via Element Impacted Relation.

Note: you cannot get from the Application_Provider panel to the Strategic Plan, the relation is from the plan to the application


Known Issues via 'Issue'

Applicable Regulations

Associate a regulation to the Application_Provider, note when modelling, the relation comes from the regulation to the application, not from the application

Supporting Technology Builds