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Essential provides the ability for you to create architecture roadmaps that map out your strategic plans against your strategic objectives and show when you expect them to happen. You can click through the strategic plans to see the elements of the architecture that are impacted by the plan and also see the projects that are delivering the changes required to implement the roadmap.

Essential allows you to flip between the architecture view and the project view so you can at a glance see the projects (and their status) that are implementing the roadmap.

Click here for live example: Roadmap View

The business capabilities view acts as a foundation for describing your organization and, at a high level, what it does. It is key to describing your architecture as it gives context as to why processes and technologies exist, and allows you challenge the rationale for those elements. The out of the box business capabilities view in Essential describes the capabilities allows you see which capabilities are impacted by specific business objectives.

Click here for live example: standard capability model

We can use the capabilities model to show more interesting information such as the application and differentiation mapping as seen in the APM pack.

Click here for live example: application to business capability mappingNote: We have some low cost bulk data loaders available to get large amounts of data into Essential quickly to support specific views like this one. See our view loaders page

Essential takes data-driven approach to capturing data, but has some graphical modelling tools available for capturing data such as processes. For processes, the tool produces views such as this process model

Note: a view loader is available for this view. See our view loaders page

Essential can provide a quick view as to what applications and technologies support a given business capability, allowing you ask questions such as ‘What should I use to support a business requirement’, e.g. for the business capability link below, ‘What options do we have around providing a campaign management solution?’, or for a rationalization exercise ‘Where do applications provide overlapping services?’.

Click here for live example: business capability driven view.

Alternatively, from an application capability perspective we can look for duplication of applications, e.g. overlay the application count on this view: Click here for live example: application overlay

Application inventory is straightforward in Essential with an out of the box catalogue available that list the applications and links through to summaries for each application.

An example catalogue is here

An example application summary is here

Note: a view loader is available for these views. See our view loaders page

The Application Deployment Summary shows you where an application is hosted and where it is accessed from. It tell you who the key owners of the application are, who the users of the application are and the servers that the application sits on.

Application Deployment view

Essential can support the project, change and support processes by highlighting which elements of the architecture would be impacted by any work or incident on a specific application.

Click here for live example: Impact Analysis view

A different perspective is to understand the application services supporting the business via the application reference model. Clicking a service tells you what the services does, the business processes it supports, applications that provide that service and any projects that are impacting that service.

The Application Reference Model provides this capability.

The APM pack provides a view that highlights where potential candidates for rationalization exist, allows you to review applications based on several criteria and model the impact of removing those applications.

See the Rationalization view in APM to see an example.

Within APM we can capture business and technical health against a set of criteria and weights, both of which can be defined in the repository. Essential can then calculate an overall score based on the given weighting across the criteria.

See the Health view in APM as an example.

The Technology Strategy Alignment view shows the strategic status of a technology and is useful for projects to understand whether they are using strategic technology or not as part of their implementation.

The Strategy Alignment view shows how Essential can do this.

The Technology Reference Model describes the technology components the organization uses. Clicking through a component shows the capabilities a component is supporting, what it does and which products support the capability. This view can be used to rationalize technology.

See the Reference Model

A dive into a Component Summary shows the component detail.

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