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Essential is the enterprise architecture tool for bringing your EA to life.

Initially starting as a purely open source EA tool, Essential has grown to be an EA tool for organisations of all sizes, where it is used as an interactive tool for visualising, traversing and diving into your enterprise architecture. Essential now has variants to support both those interested in a commercially supported enterprise architecture platform, as well as those who want to manage their architecture using open source technology.

Built, and continually evolving, based on our experience as enterprise architecture consultants to many of the world's top organisations, Essential has been built for architects, by practising architects, with a meta model and views geared towards delivering stakeholder value and answering the key enterprise architecture questions.

Whether organisations use TOGAF, DODAF, FEAF, or another framework, the Essential Meta Model
has the flexibility to map to other enterprise architecture frameworks and bring them to life.

Visualise and Analyse your Organisation

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Meta Model

The Essential Meta Model, is a detailed, extensible, yet easy-to-use meta model for describing an enterprise from top to bottom. The Essential Meta Model is published as open source and is available for use in both the Essential Cloud and Essential Open Source EA tools.

Essential Cloud

All the features of Essential Open Source plus more, minus the hassle. The low-cost, cloud version of Essential provides the functionality of Essential Open Source but with a web-based interface, an enhanced security model, better user management and all for just US$12,500*.

Essential Open Source

Essential Open Source is entirely free to use under the GNU GPL License. The EA toolkit includes the Essential Meta Model, advanced tools for both capturing data and applying complex analysis to your architecture, and the Essential Viewer with interactive reporting.

Join the Essential Community

Join the thriving Essential Community and play an active part in developing the EA tool strategy and roadmap.

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More Awards

The owners of Essential have been awarded Enterprise Architecture Firm of the Year 2019

Improved Documentation

We're refreshing our tutorials on how to use Essential effectively as your EA tool, enhancing your enterprise architecture offering

Essential Viewer and Meta Model 6.4 Available

We've released an update to Essential with meta model extensions and some new libraries