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Rich Meta-model

Essential has the most semantically-rich meta-model of any currently available EA tool. This means more accurate modelling which allows for richer more sophisticated reporting.

Import from Excel, CSV or XML

The powerful Essential Import Utility lets you re-use, create and manage import templates that allow quick and easy import of high volumes of data from external sources. And we're not just talking about lists; Essential can import simple, complex or even create derived relationships on the fly.

Third Party Integration

Essential can be configured to import data from a wide range of sources such as CMBDs, Business Process Modelling tools, PMO tools, etc.

Form-based Data Capture

Capture data using customisable forms quickly and easily. For capturing data not already held in spreadsheets or other systems quickly, we believe forms are the most effective solution.

Graphical Data Capture

Sometimes you need to capture not just the relationships but the specific sequence of those relationships - for example, a business process flow. Essential supports graphical modelling where it's needed most.


Our APIs in Essential Cloud let you GET and POST information. In all versions, the Essential Import Utility REST API allows you to schedule automated imports from external data sources to keep your repository accurate and current.


100+ Reports

With over 100 out-of-the-box reports, Essential has a wide range of different reports including roadmaps, reference models, matrices, summaries and more that answer real business questions.

Dynamic Linking

Essential Viewer features an intuitive dynamic linking technology which allows for continuous navigation of the views to drill-down and discover the answers to what, why, where and who.


With the release of version 5 of Essential, Essential Viewer is ready for the mobile world and makes sharing links to reports easier than ever.


Sometimes, you'll might have a specific business question that isn't covered by the out-of-the-box views. Essential was conceived as a platform which can be easily extend. Add your own custom views or get additional views via our Essential Business Lens add-ons.


Essential Viewer has full i18n support and can adapt to display right-to-left languages. We're working on some translation packs but you can create your own in a couple of hours.

Standard Web Technologies

Because we use HTML, CSS, JS, XSL to create our views, it's easy to build new ones using your existing development team. We can help too if you're looking to get quick results, either with training or view development.


Beyond EA

Essential manages more than just traditional the Enterprise Architecture assets (though we do that rather well). Essential can manage information about your entire organization including resources, skills, contracts, risk, security and more.

Export to XML

No more lock-in. You can export your repository to a well-structured and documented XML format at any time. It's your data, and we believe you should be able to do what you want with it.

Browser-based Modelling

Essential Cloud supports web-based data capture to allow more of your organisation to manage the information in the repository. No need for any client software. Just fire up a modern browser and you’re ready to go.
Essential Cloud Only

Fine-Grain Security

Essential Cloud has an amazing security model which can be configured to limit access at a repository, viewer, report or even instance level. You can build sophisticated privileges based escalation of clearance levels at almost any level of granularity.
Essential Cloud Only


Build complex queries of the repository for quick recall using the query wizard in Essential Open Source
Essential Open Source Only

  Go Beyond EA

The Art of the Possible

See what is possible with Essential beyond the out of the box views.

  Experience Essential

Explore the online demo of the out-of-the-box Essential Viewer and see what Essential can do for your organisation

  Essential Viewer

Essential Architecture Manager

Essential Viewer provides over 100 out-of-the-box, dynamically-generated views of your business and uses Essential deep-linking to allow powerful interrogation and navigation of your enterprise.

It has also been explicitly designed to allow organisations to define and publish custom views and reports to meet their individual needs.

Views are developed using standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, XSL) which means views are easy to develop and provide an amazing, modern user-experience.

Experience Essential Viewer in action using our online demo.

  Essential Modeller

Essential Modeller contains an implementation of the Essential Architecture Meta Model and includes advanced tools for both capturing and applying complex analysis to your architecture.

In Essential Cloud, the tool provides user journeys, cross-device data capture, multi-user access, notifications, management of security and provides the robust, forms-based approach to data capture seen in Essential OS. It allows you to customise or extended your architecture model in seconds.

The cloud is available as a low-cost annual subscription with unlimited users and unlimited admin included in the cost.

In Essential Open Source, the Essential Architecture Manager supports both single-user deployments for small projects or evaluation, as well as multi-user with a database back-end. It provides a robust, forms-based approach to data capture and management which can be easily extended and customised.

This open-source toolkit is entirely free to download and use under the GNU GPL v3 license.

Essential Cloud

Essential Open Source
Essential Architecture Manager

  Essential Import Utility

Essential Import Utility

This web-based application provides a simple-to-use yet very powerful capability to import repository content from spreadsheets.

A graphical environment is used to define the mapping between the source content and the Essential Meta Model of your target repository (including any local customisations). Once defined, these import specifications can be used via the web browser to import both new and updated spreadsheet content.

The Essential Import Utility also features a REST-based API for integration with other data-sources such as CMDBs or other applications.

Get started quickly using the Essential Import Utility using either Essential Launchpad or our Essential View Loaders.