Essential View Loaders

Get key views up and working in a matter of hours using our Essential View Loaders.

Add Data to Get Your Views Working – Fast!

Our easy to use View Loaders enable you to populate the anchor views quickly. Capture your data in a simple spreadsheet and then import to Essential using the pre-configured import specification. Step by step guides walk you through the process to get your views working in a matter of hours, allowing you to start using the views to support decision making.

View Loaders offer an affordable way to quick start your use of Essential.

Available View Loaders

  • Application Catalogue, Summary & Services
  • Application Dependencies
  • Business Capability Model
  • Business Process Catalogue
  • Application Hosting
  • Data Catalogue

Business Capability Model

($620, £450, €560)

Business Process Catalogue

($400, £300, €360)

Application Catalogue & Summary

($620, £450, €560)

Application Dependencies

($620, £450, €560)

Application Hosting/Deployment

($620, £450, €560)

Data Dictionary

($725, £550, €660)




The view loaders provide you with the spreadsheets, import specifications and guides you need to bulk load data into Essential and get views working quickly.

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 Application Catalogue, Summary & Services ($620, £450, €560)
 Business Reference Model and Capability Summaries ($620, £450, €560)
 Application Dependencies ($620, £450, €560)
 Business Process Catalogue ($400, £300, €360)
 Application Hosting/Deployment ($620, £450, €560)
 Data Dictionary ($725, £550, €660)