Essential Open Source

The world's most popular open-source EA platform

Essential Open Source is a toolset that is focused on understanding the architecture of the organisation, applied in the context of a variety of business and IT management processes (e.g. strategy management, IT governance, solution delivery, service delivery). In addition, particular emphasis has been placed on creating a toolset that is:

  • Low maintenance, in terms of both the architecture model and the underlying tool platform
  • Easy to learn, flexible and intuitive to non-technical users
  • Capable of yielding results in days or weeks, rather than months

With a data capture capability and a viewer, you can quickly begin to use Essential to support you in delivering value to the business as you uncover opportunities within your organisation to reduce cost, reuse assets, remove inefficiencies, etc.

You can use our Essential Launchpad to quick start your data capture and populate some of the key foundational views in Essential, linking Business, Applications and Technology.

essential enterprise architecture viewer

Open Source Software

In the best traditions of open source, the components of the Essential Architecture Manager have been created using a number of well-established and proven open source technologies.

essential open source enterprise architecture

Essential Modeller

At the heart of the Essential Modeller is the Protege Ontology Editor and Knowledge Repository (optionally supported by an RDBMS such as MySQL). By using Protege to define an ontology that represents the Essential Meta-Model and creating a number of custom-built Protege extensions, the Essential Modeller provides a simple, primarily form-based means of capturing, managing and sharing an enterprise architecture model.

essential open source  enterprise architecture modeller

Essential Viewer

The Essential Viewer is a java-based web application that runs on any standard Java server platform (e.g. Apache Tomcat). It provides a flexible and extensible means of generating views on the model captured using the Essential Modeller.

It provides 100 out-of-the-box views, dynamically created graphical views of your business and dynamic linking to allow powerful interrogation and navigation of your enterprise. In addition, the Essential Viewer has been explicitly designed to allow organisations to define and publish custom views and reports to meet their individual needs.

Click here to view example screenshots from Essential Viewer

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