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Essential Cloud helps you to understand how the people, functions, processes, IT applications, data, infrastructure, suppliers and customers interact across the business. Essential enables you to spot opportunities to improve and to assess the impacts of planned changes to the operating model. Importantly:

  • Anyone in the organisation can help create the enterprise architecture – Essential enables people to capture data without having to understand the business model
  • Skilled enterprise architects can focus their energies on value add activities
  • You capture the facts about the organisation and their inter-relationships; Essential generates views to provide clarity and enable analysis
  • You don’t draw pictures with Essential, you let Essential create the visualisations
  • Essential uses advanced algorithms to work out where you have potential issues, opportunities and risks
  • With Essential Launchpad you can quickly start data capture and populate some of the key foundational views in Essential, linking Business, Applications and Technology

With a data capture capability and a viewer, you can quickly begin to use Essential to support you in delivering value to the business as you uncover opportunities within your organisation to reduce cost, reuse assets, remove inefficiencies, etc.

essential viewer

For $12,5001, Essential Cloud combines the best of Essential with a hassle-free cloud offering:

  • Over 100 out of the box views focused on analysis, road-mapping and decision making
  • Ontology based meta model for an entire organisation, with the ability to support other EA Frameworks
  • Import and export of data via unique Excel import utility, with quick-start view loaders, and APIs to integrate with existing data sources
  • Simpler access to business focused lenses providing dedicated support for key areas such as APM, Data Management, Strategic Resource Optimisation

Cloud Benefits include:

  • View and update Essential anytime, anywhere
  • Tablet and mobile access and data capture
  • A new user interface to improve and simplify data capture
  • Notifications to show when things have changed or been updated
  • A powerful security interface that enables:
    • Data capture access management by class, attribute or instance for both groups or individuals
    • Viewer access management, enabling secured content to be hidden for both groups or individuals
  • Ability to add single sign-on support (via SAML 2.0)
  • Ability to utilise multi-factor authentication
  • Dedicated, SLA-based platform support
  • Managed platform upgrades and technical support
    • User controlled repository updates
    • User controlled backup/restore
  • A choice of an instance hosted in US, Europe or Australia

Essential Cloud Screenshot

At $12,5001, Essential Cloud is a low-cost option, with the annual subscription covering unlimited access to the modeller and the viewer.

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What does Essential Cloud cost?

A flat $12,5001 per annum subscription for unlimited editors and users – there are no additional license fees or seat based costs to add. The subscription covers the entire Essential Cloud platform including the 100+ views out of the box that you see in the online demo viewer.

What if I want to add more users?

There is no additional charge, it’s covered under your annual subscription

What if I want more people to edit data in Essential?

There is no additional charge, it’s covered under your annual subscription.

Does Essential Cloud mean that Open Source will be retired?

No, we are committed to Open Source. We see the two as peers, the cloud just offers a simpler way for organizations to use and access Essential, and also has enhanced user management and security that is not possible in open source. Our business model relies on having both platforms, so we will not be neglecting open source.

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1 Note: this is the price for a US hosted AWS instance. Instances hosted in Europe or AsiaPac have different prices, aligned to the AWS pricing in those regions.

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