Essential Documentation

This area of the sites aims to provide all the documentation necessary to help users install and start using the Essential Architecture Manager as quickly and easily as possible. From installation guides and tutorials, to how to customize the tools and run administration tasks, the aim is to provide information that will help users make best use of the Essential Project tools.


All the information you need to install the Essential Architecture Manager can be found here including the installation options, the software pre-requisites, the download itself and, of course, the instructions which guide you through a relatively simple installation process.

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The tutorials provide task-based guides on how to use the Essential Architecture Manager. We have structured the tutorials according to the nature of the activity being undertaken, starting with the basics of using the Essential Architecture Manager in the ‘Getting Started’ tutorial, through to details of how to create and view reports in the ‘Reporting and Analysing’ tutorial. In addition, each layer of an Enterprise Architecture has its own Tutorials section, so if, for example, you are working on the Business Architecture layer, you can look for the relevant tutorial in that section.

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Essential Meta-Model

The reference documentation for the Essential Meta Model gives detailed information on the meta-classes and attributes that comprise each layer of the core meta model, i.e. business, information, application and technology, as well as meta-classes and attributes for supporting processes such as strategy management, change management and IT service delivery.

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There are various administration tasks associated with the use of the Essential Architecture Manager, and they are listed here, with each article providing detailed instructions on how to perform these tasks.

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It is possible to customize many aspects of the Essential Architecture Manager, such as custom Essential Viewer reports as well as meta-model extensions for additional IT management and governance processes (e.g. Security Management, Information Lifecycle Management). Articles listed in this section provide detailed instructions on how to perform these customizations.

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Release Notes

All the release notes for each version of the Essential Project software components are available to browse online in this section.

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