Essential View Loaders

Accelerate bulk data loads and get your Essential views working quicker through the view loaders.

Speed Up Your Data loading.

Easy to use loaders to populate views quickly. Each loader consists of a simple to complete spreadsheet and an import spec which allows you to import the spreadsheet directly into Essential, publish to the viewer and immediately start using the view to access your data and to assist decision making.

These bulk loaders allow you to quickly import data into Essential and get your out of the box views working, all for an affordable price.




The view loaders provide you with the spreadsheets, import specifications and guides you need to bulk load data into Essential and get views working quickly.

Application Catalogue & Summary

($620, £450, €560)

This set allows you to upload your applications, and have the application catalogue and key information in the application summaries populated. The information captured is:

  • Application Name
  • Description
  • Purpose
  • Owners – Business and IT
  • Lifecycle Status
  • Contained applications
  • Delivery Model
  • Codebase
  • Supplier
  • Application Services with Description

This set provides the foundation information on applications that allow a number of the other views to work.

Application Dependencies

($620, £450, €560)

The applications dependencies set creates the relationships between applications, showing linkages between applications and the data being passed between them. This view enables the application data dependency views to work. The information captured is:

  • Dependencies
  • Information exchanged

Business Capability Model

($620, £450, €560)

This set allows you to upload your business capabilities, enabling your business capability views and also providing a hook for building relationships to business processes and applications. The information captured is:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Sub/Parent Capabilities
  • Business Domain

Business Process Catalogue

($400, £300, €360)

Bulk load your business processes into the repository. The flows need to be mapped to each process, but this set allows you to quickly put the outline processes with some basic details into Essential.

  • Name
  • Description
  • Supported Capability – if capabilities captured
  • Standardisation Level
  • Performing Role

Application Hosting/Deployment

($620, £450, €560)

This set provides the templates to load servers and locations against your applications. This allows the Application Deployment Summary view to be populated.

  • Name
  • Server name
  • Hosted at Site
  • IP Address
  • Site
  • Country

This set requires an application catalogue to exist

Data Summary and Data Object Catalogues

($725, £550, €660)

This set provides the templates to create a data catalogue.

  • Data Subject Name
  • Description
  • Data Category
  • Data Object Name
  • Description
  • Data Category
  • Parent Data Subject
  • Data Attribute Name
  • Description
  • Parent Data Object

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 Application Catalogue, Summary & Services ($620, £450, €560)
 Business Reference Model and Capability Summaries ($620, £450, €560)
 Application Dependencies ($620, £450, €560)
 Business Process Catalogue ($400, £300, €360)
 Application Hosting/Deployment ($620, £450, €560)
 Data Summary and Data Object Catalogues ($725, £550, €660)